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What to look for on a Nutrition Fact Label after Bariatric Surgery

Choose foods that have less than 5 grams of sugar per serving Nutrition Label
Choose foods that are high in protein.  Aim for at least 60 grams of protein intake per day
Look for foods that are good sources of fiber and have at least 3 grams per serving
Choose food that is low fat and contains less than 30% of calories from fat
    • Choose food that has less than 10% of calories from saturated fat
    • Choose food that has less than 1% of trans fat
Choose foods that are low in cholesterol
Choose foods that have less than 300 mg of sodium per serving


Be sure to read the ingredients list to determine what the food is mostly made of.  It is important to choose foods that are nutrient dense, meaning they contain many healthy nutrients per calorie.

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