360 Bariatrics is a Plano based weight loss practice that helps individuals successfully reduce and manage their weight to live happier, healthier lives. We help patients successfully address unhealthy physical, emotional, and social challenges associated with being overweight.

Led by a Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Bariatric Surgeon, Sheetal Patel, MD, FACS, and her supportive team of weight management experts provide a comprehensive weight loss system that helps patients achieve long term results.

With a balanced process that incorporates surgical, nutritional and psychological components, 360 Bariatrics offers “one-on-one” personalized care before, during, and after the surgery.  The 360 Bariatrics process continues after the surgical procedure with a multidisciplinary team that provides a unique support system.  Dr. Patel and her caring team treat each patient on a case-by-case basis as individuals with specific medical conditions and life experiences related to their weight.

360 Bariatrics enables their patients to lead healthy, happy and productive lives without experiencing unhealthy weight gain in the future.


The 360 Bariatrics Process incorporates a Bariatric Wellness Program that provides comprehensive care both prior to and after surgery. Our goal is not only to help you lose weight but maintain life long weight loss.

At 360 Bariatrics we partner with clients to provide a healthy, proven combination of surgical, psychological and nutritional tools to reduce and manage their weight. We do not promote quick-fix weight loss solutions, nor do we base success on the number of surgeries performed. Instead 360 Bariatrics provides multifaceted levels of care that help to ensure each individuals long-term success with weight management while living healthy lives.

The 360 Process utilizes an integrated four step system that ensure long-term success and a healthy life:

360 Bariatrics Process

Start Thinking About The Lifestyle Changes Needed to Achieve Long Term Weight-loss Success Learn about the things necessary to maintaining your weight-loss Dr. Patell will perform the appropriate bariatric surgery for your needs


360 Bariatrics Process TalkThe first step to fully understanding the bariatric journey includes talking with Dr. Patel. This important phase gives you much needed insight and information.

One-On-One Consultation

  • This personal setting allows you to meet with Dr. Patel for a one-on-one discussion to learn more about the bariatric process and all the areas involved in achieving successful weight loss.  This is your opportunity to discuss your medical history and surgical options.
  • Obtain your personalized Bariatric Journey Plan.

360 Bariatrics Process ThinkThe second stage in the Bariatric Process – The Bariatric Wellness Program – is focused on providing you with the tools, knowledge and resources to help you prepare for the numerous lifestyle changes that are necessary for successful weight management.

This comprehensive program incorporates two (2) three hour sessions involving a combination of nutrition, emotional and exercise wellness.  This program will help you adjust to the physical and psychological changes that occur after weight loss surgery.

  • Our registered dieticians will provide nutritional teaching specific to bariatric surgery.
  • You will learn the phases of the bariatric diets, the importance of vitamins and new eating habits that will ensure success on your journey to a new you.
  • Our therapist will provide you and your family with insights into possible emotional pitfalls that may lie ahead and provide tips on how to handle daily challenges after surgery.
  • The therapist will also conduct a psychological assessment required by all insurance providers.
  • The exercise physiologist will show you how to become physically active in a productive, healthy and safe manner.
  • You will also learn effective exercise routines and tips on how to stay excited and motivated without intimidation.

360 Bariatrics Process DoThe bariatric procedure is the third step of the bariatric weight loss journey.  When the day of surgery arrives the 360 team will have prepared you for life after surgery.

Here is what to expect on the day of your surgery:

  • During your stay you will be well cared for by our experienced nurses and staff with the utmost care and compassion.
  • Our dietitians will once again visit you in the hospital and review the bariatric diet.  They will be available to answer questions, provide support, and insure you are tolerating your diet.
  • Our hospital coordinator will be there to navigate you through the entire process and answer all your questions along the way.

360 Bariatrics Process MaintainThe ultimate success of the bariatric weight loss journey depends on how well you maintain your new healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to provide continued care, support and guidance after surgery.

Through our long term follow up program we provide you with helpful resources and support so that you not only achieve your weight loss goals but maintain your weight loss in years to come.  The post operative care includes:

  • Follow-up visits with Dr. Patel and her team at regular intervals: 2 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, and yearly.
  • Regular blood work to assess and adjust vitamin levels and nutrition status.
  • Follow-up psychological and nutrition counseling.
  • Access to the entire team (psychologist, nutritionist and physician) via email, phone, or additional short consultations.
  • Troubleshoot any problems that might arise and support you in your future weight maintenance.


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