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It may seem hard to eat out healthfully before or after bariatric surgery.  But eating away from home or on the run can still be healthy, it just takes planning and preparation.

Foods with hidden calories and fat



Cream based soups

Creamy pasta sauces


**Ask for all of these on the side



Healthy options buzzwords


Garden fresh





Lightly sautéed or stir-fried

Be prepared!  You may want to have a protein option that you bring with you just in case there is not a healthy protein you can eat when you are away from home.


Healthy Protein Options

Lean meats-chicken, turkey, fish

Low fat yogurts

Egg white omelets


Low fat cheese

Low fat cottage cheese

Soy or tofu dish

Lean sausage or pork



What meals should consist of:

Phase III-lean protein

Phase IV-lean protein + veggie

Phase V-lean protein + veggie + whole grain starch or fruit


Meal ideas:

Phase III

Grilled salmon  -OR-

Scrambled egg w/low fat mozzarella cheese + lean ham



Phase IV

Grilled chicken with green beans  -OR-

Egg white omelet with veggies & low fat mozzarella cheese

Phase V

Grilled shrimp taco with bell peppers + lettuce, on whole wheat tortilla  -OR-

Low fat Greek yogurt parfait with mixed berries + granola




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