Brittany, Bariatric Patient since 2020

Brittany Bariatric Patient Since 2020

The only regret I have about this surgery is not doing it sooner.  I absolutely love Dr. Patel and her amazing staff!  Dr. Patel is so knowledgeable, so friendly, and genuinely cares about her patients.

I am grateful for this tool and to final feel like me again!

Brittany – 2021

John, Bariatric Patient since 2019

John Bariatric Patient, Since 2019

July 28, 2021 – This provides my highest praise and recommendation as a patient of Dr. Shetal for the last two years.  Dr. Patel is the utmost in capable, professional and personable doctors.  She had a big part in saving my life!


You are/would be fortunate to have her as your caregiver.  She is certainly tops in Texas in surgery and bariatric medicine. And I have a lot of experience with doctors and treatment in my life.


In May, 2019 I was 69 years old and weighed 315+.  I had co-morbidities of Type 2 Diabetes, high BP, sleep apnea, and significant spinal and mobility issues due to lifelong obesity.  This gastric reduction surgery was necessary for my life and health. I was scared to do it, scared not to, and still feared I would fail.


Dr. Patel’s thorough patient medical approach, screening, education and followup is essential for you.  This eliminated much of my fear. She is tough, determined and capable. And to succeed, you must be motivated also.  It’s not magic!


As to results, in August, 2019, the surgery was one day in and about 3-4 weeks recovery. Dr. Patel is completely in touch with the process and manages every part for our successful outcomes.


At 9 months, post surgery, I weighed 212 pounds. My diabetes completely stopped, my blood pressure reduced, I stopped several medications, movement is much easier at 100+ lbs. less. (I lost 6 pant and 3 shirt sizes.)


Life costs less when you loose weight!  I just can’t eat as much now, thank goodness.  Your food tastes, diet and desires for healthy choices become most important.  Much of that is a credit to Dr. Patel’s patient education and followup.


After two (2) years, I have kept my goal weight/size and don’t miss the fat way I lived before. You have an important choice for the “best of your life”.  Dr. Patel is an important part of doing that.

Best wishes in your journey!

Lauren, Bariatric Patient since 2020

I began my weight loss journey in the state Arizona. When my job relocated me in the middle of my journey to Dallas, TX, I found Dr. Patel.

After our first meeting, I immediately knew Dr. Patel would be my surgeon! Her program is committed to the long term success of her patients. She let me know she cared about my well being and that made all the difference for me. Dr. Patel’s 360 Bariatrics program is fool-proof. She provides guidance throughout each step of the journey. I found that following her guidelines allowed for me to have a smooth recovery after my procedure. I was able to loose over 70 pounds within the first 9 months after surgery.

Dr. Patel continues to be a part of my journey, even a year after surgery. She’s always available and her staff is the absolute best! I highly encourage anyone thinking about a weight loss procedure to explore your options with Dr. Patel. She will be honest and have your best interest at heart. Everyone’s journey is different and you can be ensured that Dr. Patel will cater your journey to your needs!

Bernita, Bariatric Patient since 2019

I was on the fence about starting this journey. From the moment I called 360 Bariatrics, they made me feel like family and kept me informed every step of the way. The journey is not easy but it is worth it.

Dr. Patel takes her time with you, gets you prepared, and in my case, I had to have some tough love conversations a few times. Would I go back and do it again? Absolutely!! I would do it over and over. Dr. Patel changed my life.

If you are on the fence about having weight loss surgery, don’t be. Go after it, I promise it is so worth it.

Nina, Bariatric Patient since 2018

Dr. Patel and her wonderful staff at 360 Bariatrics have been instrumental in helping me to change my life! Prior to my gastric sleeve the state of my health due to cancer, chemotherapy, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity had me in dire straits. From the moment I was referred to the office the entire staff was so encouraging and warm and the support given to me allowed me to know “I can do it”. I started my weight loss journey at 407lbs and had my sleeve gastrectomy 5/11/2016.

As of today almost 2 years later I have lost a total of 212 pounds! I feel like Dr. Patel was able to give me back what obesity and cancer tried to take from me and that is quality time with my husband and three kids! Not to mention I have a collarbone again :).

I feel absolutely amazing and have begun to enjoy the things I use to in my twenties, shopping being a big one! The choice to have this procedure was one of the best decisions of my life!

Brett, Bariatric Patient since 2018

Thank you Dr. Patel and your staff for helping me change my life.  I was on blood pressure and cholesterol medicine, I was pre-diabetic, and used a CPAP machine to help me sleep at night.

6 months after my surgery I was free of all prescriptions and the CPAP.  One year later and I only take three vitamins daily and have had no issues.  It is hard work watching what I eat and getting my exercise in, but the energy and enjoyment I get are worth it.

Sheryl, Bariatric Patient since 2012

Sheryl, Bariatrics Patient since 2012

Allison, Bariatric Patient since 2017

My husband and I made the join decision to have weight loss surgery together. WE were both sick and tired of being overweight and exhausted. WE each have different reasons as to why we were overweight, but I will tell you my story. When I was 39 I found out that I was pregnant with our youngest child. That child is now in high school and I had been carrying around my extra weight for 15 years. I have treid every diet plan on the market (Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Medifast, Adkins to name a few) with very little success. My “enough is enough” came when I was diagnosed with full-blowen (no longer “borderline”) Diabetes type 2. I discussed the possibility of weight loss surgery with my general practitioner who strongly recommended Dr. Sheetal Patel. I went home and had a discussion with my husband (who had also been researching weight loss surgery), and we made a joint consultation appointment the very next day.

Dr. Patel eased our surgery fears and led us through discussions of the various weight loss surgery options available. Together we determined that gastric sleeve would be the way to go. We met several times with a nutritionist, and attended several bariatric support group meetings in order to prepare for our lifestyle change. I had my surgery in June and my husband went in December. Dr. Patel is absolutely amazing! We highly recommend her to anyone considering weight loss surgery options. To be honest, weight loss surgery is the toughest thing we have ever done but the best thing we have ever done. Every day we ask each other, “why did we wait so long to do this?”

I am proud to say that within 7 months of surgery I was off all my medications my diabetes was reversed and my high blood pressure is under control. In those 7 months I lost 65 pounds. Best of all, I get to walk right past the plus size department as I now fit into the “cute clothes.” As for my husband, he is also off all medications and has lost 80 pounds within two months of surgery. We have much more energy and we are doing more things outside in the world with our kids. We have also noticed that we actually get cold at night and area no longer lowering the thermostat. Hello, lower energy bills!

Lisa, Bariatric Patient since 2016

Lisa, Bariatrics Patient since 2016

I love Dr. Sheetal Patel. She is the best. I knew she was the right surgeon after I attended her weight loss seminar. I like how she explained each surgery and then allowed potential candidates to ask questions. I like that before the seminar is her bariatric group meeting in which anyone is welcome to attend to get valuable suggestions and information from bariatric patient perspective. I like how she express her expectation for her patients so we can achieve our goal.

I have attended several weight loss seminars and Dr. Patel program is outstanding. I think multidisciplinary team approach is necessary with weight loss surgery. I like that a counselor, dietician, registered nurse and Dr. Patel is available by phone or email. Everyone is so personable, warm, genuine and caring from the office staff to Dr. Patel herself. They make you feel like your part of their family. I can’t thank Dr. Patel and her team enough for saving my life. I highly recommend Dr. Sheetal Patel
for your surgery.

Thomas, Bariatric Patient since 2015

Thomas, Bariatric Patient since 2015

Most of my adult life I was overweight.  At age 72, I decided to do something about it.  With sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and 43% body fat, I needed to lose a lot of weight and adopt a healthier life style.  After counseling with Dr. Patel and her capable team, I decided to have the gastric-sleeve procedure.  Once approved by Medicare, I was ready for a better and healthier way of life. 

After the surgery on January 29, 2015, I followed a regimen of eating much healthier food and a lot less of it under the direction of Dr. Patel’s medical associates.  I also joined a group in my VFW Post called “Project Counterbalance” that helped direct my exercise routine.

Since my surgery, my weight has reduced from 257 lbs. to 155 lbs. and my waist reduced from 48 inches to 34 inches. My shirt size is now a medium instead of XXL.   My only regret is that I didn’t have the surgery sooner.

Debbie, Bariatric Patient since 2014

Debbie, Bariatric Patient since 2014

A little over two years ago, I came to Dr. Patel with my heart functioning at only 20% with severe Congestive Heart Failure, cardiomyopathy, and a severely enlarged, damaged heart. My waist size was 56” and I was in severe physical pain from the fluid in my abdomen pressing against my heart and lungs. I could barely breathe and had spent much of 2012 on oxygen, in the hospital, and unable to work. I was very unsure of my future or even how long I would live. At one point, I had considered going on disability because I was so sick – but I could never bring myself to do it, because I was scared I would see myself as disabled and give up.

According to the American Heart Association, “70% of women who are diagnosed with congestive heart failure will be dead within 5 years.” I decided early on that I would not be part of that 70%!

After meeting with Dr. Patel, conferring with my cardiologist and internist, and going through many surgical clearances, I had sleeve surgery in March of 2014. I’ve done everything the cardiologist and Dr. Patel have asked of me – and then some. I have gone from having to take 27 meds in the morning and 13 at night, to 8 in the morning and 4 at night. My diabetes medication has been reduced by more than 50%.
The most amazing part of this is that my heart function has MORE THAN DOUBLED (I’m up to 45% from 20%!!!) and MY HEART IS NO LONGER ENLARGED AND HAS RETURNED TO NORMAL SIZE!!! Weight loss surgery played a huge part in saving my life…and this is SOOOOO much bigger than the number on the scale!

I just reached my 5 year post diagnosis mark for CHF. Not only am I alive, but I am thriving!

Weight loss surgery is NOT the easy way out. You still have to do the work. But it’s an amazing tool that can not only help you lose weight, but regain your health in so many other ways. Dr. Patel and her team are AMAZING. They are so accessible, so knowledgeable, and they make sure that you go into surgery with eyes wide open and armed with all the knowledge you need to be a success story.
I am a walking, talking, BREATHING miracle and I thank God every day for the second chance at life.

Lynda, Bariatric Patient since 2015

Lynda, Bariatric Patient since 2015

My name is Lynda Christopher. Dr Patel performed my Gastric Sleeve surgery on May 27th 2015. My highest weight was 350. So far I have lost 160 lbs.
Making the decision to have the surgery started me off on an active journey making fitness a pivotal aspect of my life. Before I suffered from high blood pressure, I was pre diabetic and I was sore all of the time. I couldn’t walk .75 miles in under 22 minutes. My body fat percentage was greater than 50
(meaning it was too high to register) and my BMI was 53. Today, I am off my blood pressure meds, I am no longer pre diabetic and I am training for a half marathon. My body fat percentage is 36.2 and my BMI is 30.5…almost out of the obese category!! The best part has been keeping up with my kiddos!
Dr Patel has been my lifesaver. She has always been supportive, truthful and real. The entire bariatric staff has been fun, accessible and motivating! They never made me feel bad about where I was and always encouraged me about what I could look forward to. I always felt like we were partners in my journey. The sincerely cared about my success!
I am no longer the girl I was when I walked in their office the first time. For the first time in my life I am not on a “diet”. I have changed my life and the way I view food. I still enjoy occasional treats with my family. I enjoy life, my husband, my kids, taking pictures, seeing my reflection, buying clothes…the list continues! Weight is no longer holding me back! The half marathon is my 40th birthday gift to myself. My new beginning.

Janice, Bariatric Patient since 2014

Janice, Bariatric Patient since 2014

I decided to have my gastric sleeve due to my worsening arthritis. I was on elevated blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride medications. I was taking large doses of anti-inflammatory medications daily and prescription pain pills 4-5 times a week. I was taking four large shots of insulin daily and oral medication for my diabetes.
Since my surgery and weight loss I am off all my meds except one of my diabetes medications. I am now able to shop 2-3 hours without riding a cart or stopping to rest due to pain. For me this was the right decision for my health. I am planning to retire in the next two years and I am now looking forward to an active retirement.

Desiree, Bariatric Patient since 2011

Desiree, Bariatric Patient since 2011

Dr. Patel gave me a second chance for a healthy life with the gastric sleeve surgery. Prior to surgery, I attempted numerous weight loss programs on my own only to gain the weight back plus more. With a family history of diabetes, cholesterol issues, and heart disease, I wanted to break the chain of those illnesses. The highest weight I reached was 360 pounds. With those 360 pounds came high blood pressure, and agonizing back and joint pain. My debilitating ailments kept me from having a healthy lifestyle with my family. Coaching my five year old son’s basketball time even wore me out for the day.
The deciding factor to have surgery was when my blood pressure reached a number that was high enough to have a stroke or heart attack. I knew that I could not let something of that magnitude happen to me that could potentially prevent me from seeing my son graduate from college one day.
I attended an event where Dr. Patel spoke about healthy eating and how she used the Da Vinci robot for her bariatric surgery. When it was emphasized that the preciseness of the Da Vinci would make for a smoother recovery; I knew I wanted to have my surgery at the Bariatric Surgery Institute. The staff members at the Bariatric Surgery Institute supported me with my journey from day one and continue to do so today.
Four months later, I have lost about 70 pounds, have gone down five dresses sizes, have more energy, and no longer have issues with blood pressure or back pain. The only regret I have is not doing the surgery sooner! 2014

Desiree, Bariatric Patient 2011 to 20162016 – Two years post surgery update: I am now a size 8 down from 26. I weigh less than I did in high school. I’m embracing my new life style change, and working out is a fun activity for me. My fitness age is 21, but my actual age is 30. I reversed years on my life by getting healthy!

Kristie, Bariatric Patient since 2014

Kristie, Bariatric Patient since 2014

I had the gastric sleeve procedure in July 2014. Since then I have been able to come off medications for diabetes type II, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. I am down from a size 22 – 24 to a size 14 -16, and do not experience joint or back pain despite becoming active.

Elizabeth, Bariatric Patient since 2014

Elizabeth, Bariatric Patient since 2014

This was a life- saving decision for me. Thank you Dr. Patel for the information to make the decision to have sleeve surgery. Not only do I have more energy but also self-confidence and higher self-esteem. My life style has change in what I eat and I live my life for the better. Having the ability to use to knowledge of your staff also has made a huge difference in how well my head (thinking) and my nutrition has changed for the better. The therapist and dietitian have been very supportive in my recovery. I am a very, very satisfied person (patient). Thank you, thank you for doing and caring about your patients surgery and recovery.

Kevin, Bariatric Patient since 2011

Kevin, Bariatric Patient since 2011

Dr. Patel performed gastric bypass surgery on me on September 21, 2011. One year later I have lost 250 lbs. I have not once regretted or second-guessed my decision to have the surgery.

Steve, Bariatric Patient since 2011

Steve, Bariatric Patient since 2011

With the help of the surgery and the post-operative support of Dr. Patel and her staff, I lost 110 lbs and have kept it off since that time. Prior to surgery I weighed 278 lbs and was plagued with numerous issues related with obesity such as sleep apnea, diabetes, high cholesterol and chronic joint/muscle pain. The journey started with the surgery, and continued from that point forward. Healthy eating habits, regular exercise and the support of my doctors, friends and family have become essential for my continued success. It is wonderful to be healthy again! My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Patel and her wonderful staff!