Recommended Zinc Supplements

Supplement Brand


Dosage per day


Country Life Zinc Picolinate 25 mg

25 mg

1 Tablet

Online at

Nature Made Zinc

30 mg

1 Tablet

Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Albertsons

*** Please note: 360 Bariatrics or Dr. Patel are not affiliated with or derive any financial benefits from the promotion or sale of any of the above entities or sources.

Please keep in mind that product information is subject to change per manufacturer discretion. Always check supplement facts label to verify supplement contents. Consult with your Registered Dietitian to discuss appropriate supplement intake.

Products above have been tested by NSF, USP, Consumer Lab, or by a third party confirmed via contact with the supplement company.
*Updated September 2016

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