July 28, 2021 – This provides my highest praise and recommendation as a patient of Dr. Shetal for the last two years.  Dr. Patel is the utmost in capable, professional and personable doctors.  She had a big part in saving my life!


You are/would be fortunate to have her as your caregiver.  She is certainly tops in Texas in surgery and bariatric medicine. And I have a lot of experience with doctors and treatment in my life.


In May, 2019 I was 69 years old and weighed 315+.  I had co-morbidities of Type 2 Diabetes, high BP, sleep apnea, and significant spinal and mobility issues due to lifelong obesity.  This gastric reduction surgery was necessary for my life and health. I was scared to do it, scared not to, and still feared I would fail.


Dr. Patel’s thorough patient medical approach, screening, education and followup is essential for you.  This eliminated much of my fear. She is tough, determined and capable. And to succeed, you must be motivated also.  It’s not magic!


As to results, in August, 2019, the surgery was one day in and about 3-4 weeks recovery. Dr. Patel is completely in touch with the process and manages every part for our successful outcomes.


At 9 months, post surgery, I weighed 212 pounds. My diabetes completely stopped, my blood pressure reduced, I stopped several medications, movement is much easier at 100+ lbs. less. (I lost 6 pant and 3 shirt sizes.)


Life costs less when you loose weight!  I just can’t eat as much now, thank goodness.  Your food tastes, diet and desires for healthy choices become most important.  Much of that is a credit to Dr. Patel’s patient education and followup.


After two (2) years, I have kept my goal weight/size and don’t miss the fat way I lived before. You have an important choice for the “best of your life”.  Dr. Patel is an important part of doing that.

Best wishes in your journey!