Weight loss success can be measured by more than the number of pounds a person loses.  The resolution of dangerous medical conditions, the decreased need for medications, the increase mobility, the ease of performing daily activities, becoming a more productive person these are all benchmarks which define success after weight loss surgery.

I am proud to share the amazing success story of my patient Thomas Nation.  Tom was featured in the Allen American.  His story is one that reveals you are never to old to change your life for the better.  Tom is a member of “Operation Counterbalance,” an initiative to help local veterans get healthier through diet and exercise.

In January 2015, Tom weighed 257 pounds.  Several months after his weight loss surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) he began Operation Counterbalance.  Today, he weighs in at a trim 150 pounds. His body fat percentage decreased from 43 to 18 percent. And he no longer requires medication for his blood pressure.  Tom used his sleeve gastrectomy to help him lose weight, but by joining Operation Counterbalance and introducing exercise and daily activity into his life he has made the necessary lifestyle changes to maintain his weight loss success.

Thomas, Bariatric Patient since 2015

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