My name is Lynda Christopher. Dr Patel performed my Gastric Sleeve surgery on May 27th 2015. My highest weight was 350. So far I have lost 160 lbs.
Making the decision to have the surgery started me off on an active journey making fitness a pivotal aspect of my life. Before I suffered from high blood pressure, I was pre diabetic and I was sore all of the time. I couldn’t walk .75 miles in under 22 minutes. My body fat percentage was greater than 50
(meaning it was too high to register) and my BMI was 53. Today, I am off my blood pressure meds, I am no longer pre diabetic and I am training for a half marathon. My body fat percentage is 36.2 and my BMI is 30.5…almost out of the obese category!! The best part has been keeping up with my kiddos!
Dr Patel has been my lifesaver. She has always been supportive, truthful and real. The entire bariatric staff has been fun, accessible and motivating! They never made me feel bad about where I was and always encouraged me about what I could look forward to. I always felt like we were partners in my journey. The sincerely cared about my success!
I am no longer the girl I was when I walked in their office the first time. For the first time in my life I am not on a “diet”. I have changed my life and the way I view food. I still enjoy occasional treats with my family. I enjoy life, my husband, my kids, taking pictures, seeing my reflection, buying clothes…the list continues! Weight is no longer holding me back! The half marathon is my 40th birthday gift to myself. My new beginning.