I began my weight loss journey in the state Arizona. When my job relocated me in the middle of my journey to Dallas, TX, I found Dr. Patel.

After our first meeting, I immediately knew Dr. Patel would be my surgeon! Her program is committed to the long term success of her patients. She let me know she cared about my well being and that made all the difference for me. Dr. Patel’s 360 Bariatrics program is fool-proof. She provides guidance throughout each step of the journey. I found that following her guidelines allowed for me to have a smooth recovery after my procedure. I was able to loose over 70 pounds within the first 9 months after surgery.

Dr. Patel continues to be a part of my journey, even a year after surgery. She’s always available and her staff is the absolute best! I highly encourage anyone thinking about a weight loss procedure to explore your options with Dr. Patel. She will be honest and have your best interest at heart. Everyone’s journey is different and you can be ensured that Dr. Patel will cater your journey to your needs!