Dr. Patel gave me a second chance for a healthy life with the gastric sleeve surgery. Prior to surgery, I attempted numerous weight loss programs on my own only to gain the weight back plus more. With a family history of diabetes, cholesterol issues, and heart disease, I wanted to break the chain of those illnesses. The highest weight I reached was 360 pounds. With those 360 pounds came high blood pressure, and agonizing back and joint pain. My debilitating ailments kept me from having a healthy lifestyle with my family. Coaching my five year old son’s basketball time even wore me out for the day.
The deciding factor to have surgery was when my blood pressure reached a number that was high enough to have a stroke or heart attack. I knew that I could not let something of that magnitude happen to me that could potentially prevent me from seeing my son graduate from college one day.
I attended an event where Dr. Patel spoke about healthy eating and how she used the Da Vinci robot for her bariatric surgery. When it was emphasized that the preciseness of the Da Vinci would make for a smoother recovery; I knew I wanted to have my surgery at the Bariatric Surgery Institute. The staff members at the Bariatric Surgery Institute supported me with my journey from day one and continue to do so today.
Four months later, I have lost about 70 pounds, have gone down five dresses sizes, have more energy, and no longer have issues with blood pressure or back pain. The only regret I have is not doing the surgery sooner! 2014

2016 – Two years post surgery update: I am now a size 8 down from 26. I weigh less than I did in high school. I’m embracing my new life style change, and working out is a fun activity for me. My fitness age is 21, but my actual age is 30. I reversed years on my life by getting healthy!