Post-Op Advice

We know it’s not easy to change your lifestyle habits, but by working with our registered dietitians – both one-on-one and in a small group setting – you will learn how to:

  • Progress through five different phases of diets after surgery – from liquids to solids.
  • Make healthful, smart and appetizing changes with your food choices.
  • Learn how to control portion sizes.
  • Choose lower fat foods.
  • Identify and manage emotional & environmental eating triggers.
  • Establish healthy hydration habits.

360 Bariatrics has made it easy for patients and anyone going through the bariatric weight loss process to remain informed and educated about proper nutrition.

Feel free to download and use our recommended Bariatric Nutrition tools below.

  1. General Bariatric Guideline – THE RULES
  2. The Pre-Operative Diet – start this diet 2 weeks prior to having bariatric surgery…
  3. Post- Surgery Diet: Phase 1 – You will be on the Phase 1 Bariatric diet for 2‐3 days after your bariatric procedure or until tolerated…
  4. Post- Surgery Diet: Phase 2Phase II bariatric diet may begin while you are in the hospital if you have tolerated a Phase I Bariatric Diet. You should stay on the Phase II Bariatric Diet until 2 weeks after surgery.
  5. Post- Surgery Diet: Phase 3Phase III bariatric diet may begin approximately 2 weeks after surgery once it is determined that you are
    tolerating a Phase II Bariatric Diet. You should stay on the Phase III Bariatric Diet for at least…
  6. Post- Surgery Diet: Phase 4Start approximately 2 months after surgery. You will continue the Phase IV bariatric diet until you have reached your goal of 75% excess body weight loss.
  7. The Maintenance Diet: Phase 5 – Phase V begins after you have reached 75% of your excess body weight loss. This may be anywhere from 6 to 12 months or longer after surgery.


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