Phase I – Bariatric Diet

Sugar-Free, Carbonation-Free, Caffeine-Free, Clear Liquids

You will be on the Phase 1 Bariatric diet for 1-2 days after your bariatric procedure or until tolerated.

Types of foods/liquids permitted:

Clear liquids – non-dairy fluids that cause minimal amount of residue in the digestive tract.  Fluids that are see-through (when held in front of a piece of paper you should be able to read the text through the liquid).

Examples of Clear Liquids

Water Plain decaffeinated tea (no milk or creamer)
Crystal Light® Plain decaffeinated coffee, black (no milk or creamer)
Sugar-free Snapple® Clear flavored, low sodium broth (chicken, beef, seafood, vegetable)
Sugar-free Kool Aid® Sugar free drink mixes

Clear “solids” – “solids” that become liquids at room temperature

Example of Clear Solids

Sugar free (diet) Jello® Sugar free popsicles

Sugar substitutes are permitted (please refer to the list of “Sugar-Substitutes” page 124)

Types of foods/liquids NOT permitted:

  • No solid foods
  • No caffeinated beverages
  • No carbonated beverages
  • No alcoholic beverages
  • No dairy or milk
  • No fruit or juices
  • No vitamin or mineral supplementation


Important Nutritional Considerations

  • Try to drink 1 ounces (1/8 of a cup) of clear liquids every 30 minutes
  • The goal is to practice sipping fluids and stay hydrated
  • Remember to sip slowly, do not gulp, do not use a straw
  • Avoid extreme temperatures (extreme cold or hot)
  • Always check your tolerance level and stop drinking when full
  • Always remember to keep increasing physical activity as tolerated (as directed by physician)

Sample of a Phase I Bariatric Diet Menu

Morning Decaffeinated coffee with Splenda® (without cream/milk/sugar)
Breakfast Low sodium chicken broth
Mid-morning Crystal Light® mixed with water
Lunch Low sodium seafood broth
Mid-afternoon Water (flavored if desired)                            
Dinner Low sodium beef broth
Evening Decaffeinated tea with Splenda®


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