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  • – The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery is an organization dedicated to educating the public about this specialty. The site is filled with information and educational videos. Resources provided include definition of terms, procedures descriptions, a BMI calculator, and inspiring testimonials to the procedure.
  • – This blog is run by a woman named Shelly who had great success with bariatric surgery. She had a 158 pound weight loss which helped her no longer need the eight prescription drugs that she was previously having to take. She realizes that healthy eating is imperative for successful bariatric surgery. She has dedicated this site to sharing creative ideas with bariatric patients. She has many creative recipes, product recommendations, and information about the surgery process. This fun blog offers a great outlet into the life of bariatric surgery success.
  • – This website provides an outlet to openly discuss concerns or thoughts about the bariatric surgery. The website consists of multiple forums where you can log in under a username. They have different forums for different surgery options and a general forum for all who have had weight loss surgery. You can ask questions, discuss concerns, share testimonials, and seek support through others going through a similar situation. They even have a buddies/mentor system that you can sign up for. This will pair you with someone also going through the process or who has had a previous success. It is very helpful to talk about concerns, gain support, and keep accountable.
  • – This website provides a forum for obese individuals seeking bariatric surgery. The forums are divided by surgery types, but also by medical conditions that may be present. They also have forums dedicated to nutrition/food, exercise, and even for spouses of weight loss surgery patients. This diverse forum group is great to get information from other patients on a variety of need-to-know topics.
  • also available as an app on Android and Apple products– This website is a great tool for tracking dietary intake. Similar to a food diary, you can track all of your daily intake. The best part is that it adds up the calorie and nutrition content for you. You can search thousands of products, or you can add your own recipes. This app is great either before or after your surgery takes place to accurately log your food intake.

Be aware that public information posted on online forums or blogs may not always be accurate. Ask your dietitian or doctor about any concerns involving the accuracy of any information that goes against what is written in this manual.

*** Please note: 360 Bariatrics or Dr. Patel are not affiliated with or derive any financial benefits from the promotion or sale of any of the above entities or sources.

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